College of Business Administration


The accounting program offers a foundation in accounting necessary for entry-level positions and career advancement. It encompasses a body of concepts, conventions, principles and theories essential to the competency of the certified public accountant, controller, industrial accountant, institutional accountant and governmental accountant.

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A degree in economics will well-prepare you for many different graduate programs, including law school. We offer a both a BA and BBA in economics.  We also offer a combined BA/MA or BBA/MA which allows you  to complete your undergraduate coursework while earning a graduate degree at an accelerated pace.

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The finance curriculum focuses in the financial aspects of business, including financial management, investments, the financial system, international finance, and related areas. The courses are designed to provide you with an understanding of the relationships between business finance and our economic system in the context of analysis and decision making.

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Management and Information Systems

The MIS department offers two programs with undergraduate and graduate degrees. Business Management focuses in leading and managing people with exposure to management functions. Computer Information Systems focuses on the creation and supervision of computer information systems.

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Marketing and Entrepreneurship

The Managerial Marketing and Marketing programs offer you employment opportunities in fields such as business to business and consumer sales, product management, international marketing, marketing research, marketing communications and industrial purchasing. The Entrepreneurship program helps you transform into someone who can think and act like an entrepreneur.

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