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Accounting Major

The Accounting program was crafted to provide you with the foundation of knowledge necessary to gain entry-level accounting positions. The degree builds a foundation in practice and theory by working towards an understanding of common concepts, conventions, principles and theories. You will have the skills necessary to attain positions as certified public accountants, controllers, industrial accountants, institutional accountants and governmental accountants. See program requirements.

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Business Management Major

The Business Management program trains you in the functions of management with a solid base in accounting, finance, marketing and administration to gain entry-level management positions. The curriculum teaches future leaders how to motivate, communicate and engage. You will have the knowledge base to attain managerial positions in a number of occupational fields and entrepreneurial ventures. See program requirements.

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Computer Information Systems Major

The Computer Information Systems program teaches you how to create and manage complex digitized information systems. You will have gained knowledge in programming languages and problem-solving skills within system development to attain entry-level positions as computer analysts, programmers and developers. See program requirements.

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Economics Major

The Economics major develops your quantitative and analytical skills through rigourous coursework and application to issues prevalent throughout global business and society. The major prepares you for employment in the financial, industrial, service, and government sectors of the economy, as well as graduate study in economics, law and business. See program requirements.

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Entrepreneurship Major

Over four years, you are instilled with an entrepreneurial mindset through experiential courses that integrate the values of marketing, finance and management. You leave with the confidence and knowledge base to gain entry-level employment at businesses of any size or even start their own venture. See program requirements.

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Finance Major

The Finance program trains you to understand the specifics of finance in management, systems, investments and international business. By supplementing the Finance degree with certain electives, you can branch further into investments, bank management, risk and insurance, real estate and accounting. The curriculum prepares you for entry-level positions across the financial career spectrum. See program requirements.

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General Business Major

The Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business is for students who desire an in-depth understanding of all business areas rather than a specialized area of business, i.e., accounting, business management, computer information systems, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, managerial marketing and marketing. The major courses are offered face-to-face and/or online, thus enabling flexibility for students. See program requirements.


Managerial Marketing Major

The Managerial Marketing program transforms you into analytical decision-makers. Through hands-on experiential courses both in the classroom and out, you enhance your logical, cognitive and persuasive communication skills. You leave with a knowledge base enabling them to attain entry-level leadership positions. See program requirements.

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Marketing Major

The Marketing program harnesses a wide range of skills to build an effective knowledge of the practice and theory of marketing. You leave with a specialization in consumer behavior, marketing research, international marketing, personal selling, advertising and promotion management. With the training provided by COBA, you are able to attain entry-level marketing positions. See program requirements.

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