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Executive MBA Courses and Class Schedule

Below you will find a class schedule for the courses in Kent State University’s Executive MBA degree program.

What really sets this EMBA curriculum apart from the rest is the fact that it consists mainly of required courses in the various business disciplines. Without electives or concentrations common to a traditional MBA program, students can experience an accelerated program which can usually be completed in 20 months as they continue to work full-time.

Fall Semester

Session I: August - October

  • EMBA67291 - Beginning Residency
  • EMBA67042 - Management Information Systems
  • EMBA67041 - Applied Statistical Analysis
  • EMBA67191 - Executive Communications
  • EMBA67191 - Emotional Intelligence

Session II: October - December

  • EMBA67031 - Financial Reporting for Executives
  • EMBA67082 - Legal & Social Impact

Spring Semester

Session III: January - February

  • EMBA67021 - Business Conditions
  • EMBA67051 - Marketing Management

Session IV: March - April

  • EMBA67043 - Dynamics of Leadership
  • EMBA67191 - Int'l. Business Area

Summer Session

Session V: May - July

  • EMBA67032 - Accounting Info for Executive Action
  • EMBA67071 - Human Resources Management
  • EMBA67191 - International Business Trip

Second-Year Fall Semester

Session VI: August - September

  • EMBA67061 - Financial Planning
  • EMBA67191 - Special Topic: Elective

Session VII: October - November

  • EMBA67022 - Managerial Economics
  • EMBA67070 - Organizational Analysis & Design

Session VIII: December - February

  • EMBA67040 - Operations Management
  • EMBA67062 - Money & Capital Market

Session IX: February - March

  • EMBA67058 - Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • EMBA67085 - Executive Policy and Planning

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