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Ranked as a top-tier program by CEO Magazine, Kent State University’s Executive MBA program is designed exclusively for busy working professionals.

It is an opportunity to engage with other seasoned professionals to gain advanced leadership skills, practical insights and vital hands-on training essential to compete in today’s challenging global marketplace.

    • AACSB-Accredited 19-month Program
    • Classes With Dedicated Professionals Like Yourself
    • Gain a Global Business Perspective With International Business Experience Trip
    • Low Student-to-Faculty Ratio
    • On-site Classes Once a Month, Supplemented With Online Content
    • Bringing Business Backgrounds and Industry Experience to the Classroom
    • Tuition, International Trip, Books, Parking and Meals
    • Professional Development Workshops and Individual Coaching Included

What Makes Our MBA for Executives the Best?

Kent State University’s Executive MBA Program (EMBA) is an AACSB-accredited program designed exclusively for busy working professionals with a desire for career advancement.

Our contemporary curriculum taught by an outstanding faculty is designed to both teach and challenge our students, while placing a focus on effectively utilizing:

  • Sound strategic thinking
  • Decision-making supported by analytics
  • Cross-functional team support
  • Ethical leadership
  • Personal skills that impact change in a globally competitive and technologically complex business environment
Students from Cleveland, Akron and all over the state enrolled in our EMBA program enjoy the convenience of attending Saturday classes once a month on campus, along with selected classes online, and can graduate in just 19 months.

They combine their practical business expertise developed from consulting and corporate experience with advanced academic knowledge obtained through intensive research.

Earning your EMBA is a great way to develop yourself both personally and professionally by increasing your knowledge, skills and understanding of the different aspects of the business world. And in our Executive MBA program, you can take your career to the next level while maintaining your full-time job.

Why Should You Earn Your EMBA?

There are many reasons to earn your Executive MBA, including:

  • Gaining a new perspective
  • Increasing your understanding of business
  • Widening your professional network
Most notably, though, earning your EMBA can help you get the career you have always wanted. The knowledge and skills you learn in the Executive MBA program will give you vital hands-on training essential to compete in today’s challenging global marketplace while helping you become a more well-rounded and knowledgeable employee.

Why Earn Your EMBA at Kent State?

Kent State University’s Executive MBA program stands out from the rest because it primarily consists of required courses vital to learning business disciplines. This allows you to expedite the process and earn your EMBA in just 19 months.

Better yet, the international experience portion of our EMBA program gives students the opportunity to meet international business leaders, visit local universities, tour businesses in other countries and more.

Students are also given the chance to form lifelong bonds and career connections with their classmates, who are business professionals like themselves.

Want to Learn More?

Interested in learning more about Kent State’s Executive MBA program? Be sure to attend one of our many upcoming information sessions around Cleveland, Akron and all over northern Ohio, where you can speak with faculty and alumni about program expectations, curriculum and so much more.

Register today!

Additionally, you can learn more about the program by contacting EMBA program coordinator Joan Janosko. We look forward to hearing from you!

Request an EMBA Brochure

Contact us at 330-672-EMBA or via the form below to receive a brochure about our EMBA program.

Attend an Information Session

Attending one of Kent State’s Executive MBA information sessions is a great way to learn more about our program from those who know it best. Enjoy coffee while speaking with the director, faculty members and alumni of the Executive MBA program, all of whom can provide first-hand experiences and knowledge of the projects, classes and program as a whole.

2016 Information Sessions

  • 7/12/16 - Kent Campus - 6:30 pm
  • 7/13/16 - Webinar at 12:00 noon

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“My life has changed because of my MBA, and the investment I made in my education paid for itself in less than a year. I now work as a senior consultant and would have never had this opportunity if I hadn’t decided to pursue an advanced degree.”

Brad Kenney
Chief Creative Officer
Whidbey Makers

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